Are you looking for a protection order lawyer? Protection orders are issued by family courts in cases of family violence or domestic violence. They are designed to protect you and your children if you are dealing with violence in the home or by a member of your family.

Importantly, if you are in immediate danger of family or domestic violence, you should call the police.

Parenting Orders

Parenting orders are for situations where there is a dispute over who looks after your children. They are also used in situations where there is a dispute about when parents and other people in the lives of children get to see and spend time with them.

Another type of order that might be suitable in your situation is an Order to Settle a Dispute between guardians. This type of order covers a wide range of guardianship issues in relation to children. Examples include the school children go to, where they live, changes to a child’s name, medical treatments they receive, and more.

In other situations, we can help you apply for and obtain a protection order from the family court. The process involves taking your statement and then making the application to the family court. We have extensive experience of dealing with the family court and our lawyers are skilled in all areas of family law.

Property Order

If you are on a low income, we can also help you apply for Legal Aid.

As part of the process, and where applicable, we can also apply for a Property Order on your behalf to ensure you can continue living in your home and/or have access to your furniture.

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We can help you apply for an order like the one above and we can also help if you need an order urgently. What we might be able to do in urgent cases is make a without notice application to the family court. This will bring your application to the family court straightaway for consideration by a judge.

Contact us to find out more about this option and to get advice on whether it is the best approach in your situation.

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