Experienced Family Law Firm

Whether dealing with legal matters in the family court on behalf of our clients, assisting families to resolve disputes, dealing with family issues involving children, or handling relationship property issues, we are the family law firm you can trust.

At D R Legal, we can help with any family legal issue. This includes typically straightforward services such as relocation of children.

Family Lawyer Manurewa

Whether you have a complex family legal issue or something more straightforward, we are the family lawyer you are looking for in Manurewa. Our team includes fully qualified lawyers with experience in all aspects of New Zealand family law. This includes:

  • Powers of attorney
  • Divorce and separation
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Child relocation
  • Guardianship applications
  • Adoption

We have extensive experience representing our clients in family court. To find out more and to speak to a family lawyer in Manurewa, please call us on 09 2594561.

Understanding and Discretion

There are many factors that differentiate family law from other aspects of the legal system. One of the most important, however, is the fact that many family law issues and situations are emotionally challenging and stressful for those involved.

We understand this at D R Legal, so will ensure you are treated compassionately and get the information, advice, and support you need.

Please call us now on 09 2594561 to speak to a family lawyer in Manurewa.

It is our priority to ensure you have the information you need to make the right decision for you and your family. This includes explaining family law in relation to your situation as well as explaining the options you have available and recommending the next steps that should be taken.

When acting on your behalf, we will do everything in our power to fully represent your interests and provide the best possible advocacy. Call us today for more information.