Are you looking for an immigration lawyer in Auckland who understands the complexities of New Zealand immigration law? Whatever your circumstances, we can help with immigration-related issues.

This includes everything from giving you advice on the best visa to apply for in addition to advising on the things you can do to maximise your chances of successfully obtaining a visa.

We can also help you prepare and submit the visa application and we can represent you personally throughout each stage of the process. This includes answering queries from the immigration authorities during the application stage and it includes representing you at tribunal if you are unhappy with a decision that has been made.

Our Services

As a full-service family law firm in Auckland, we offer a comprehensive range of family law services. This includes:

  • Giving advice and practical support in the visa application process
  • Appealing visa application decisions and representing clients at immigration tribunals
  • Providing legal support for licensed immigration advisors
  • Immigration legal services for companies

Our Expertise

  • All types of New Zealand visa including skill migrant visas, work visas, partnership & family visas, residence visas, student visas, investment visas, and more
  • Hard and complex cases, including where challenges have been faced in the past in relation to obtaining a visa to come to New Zealand
  • Dealing with problems including visa revocations, PPL letters, complaints, and more
  • Services for employers in relation to employee visa applications

Immigration Adviser – Get the Information You Need

Getting the right information from a trained and experienced immigration adviser is a crucial step in the process of getting a NZ immigration visa. With the right advice at the outset, you will save time, hassle, money, uncertainty, and stress. Call us today on 09 2594561 to talk to a member of our team.

You need an immigration lawyer in Auckland with experience, and that’s exactly what you get when you come to us. You will be treated with respect and understanding throughout the process, and we’ll fully explain the aspects of New Zealand immigration law that impact your application.

Please call us today on 09 2594561 to speak to an expert immigration lawyer in Auckland.