Immigration and Family Lawyer Working for You

Most legal firms in Auckland offer a full range of services that include property law, conveyancing, personal injury law, corporate law, and more. At D R Legal, we take a different approach. We are specialist immigration and family lawyers, and we are good at what we do.

As we specialise in immigration and family law, we have extensive experience working with the widest possible range of clients in a vast range of personal situations. We will bring this vast experience to your case, ensuring you get the best advice and representation. Call us today on 09 2594561 to find out more.


As your family lawyer, we can help with a range of different legal matters. This includes:

  • Parenting orders including warrants to enforce parenting orders
  • Guardianship orders
  • Protection orders
  • Furniture and occupancy/tenancy orders
  • Objection to attend court directed non-violence programmes
  • Application to discharge a protection order
  • Order Preventing Removal of Child from NZ
  • Dissolution of Marriage
  • Separation Order


Immigration law is our other area of specialty. We offer a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Temporary visas including visitor, partnership, and work visa applications
  • Residence visas including skilled migrant category visas as well as partnership visas and residence visas for victims of domestic violence
  • Requests for character and medical waivers
  • S61 requests
  • Appeals to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal and appeals to the Minister of Immigration
  • Deportation Appeals

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The list of immigration and family law services above is not exhaustive. So, whatever area of immigration or family law you need help with, please contact us today. Call now on 09 2594561.